Zukunft India aviation and space Research Technology private limited is a unique venture and a unique project by the passionate young women entrepreneur  Ms Aishwarya Santhosh who has been building and designing the aircraft for the past few years after flying for her studies on Aircraft Manufacturing at the university of Russia .

Zukunft India aviation and space research technology is considered to be the first private aerospace company in  India , primarily focusing to research and development , Design Manufacturing and sales established with the goal of manufacturing and selling commercial space launch services Rocket engines and space components , un-manned Aerial vehicles and Light aircrafts .

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OUR graduate trainings

Our Director is well aware about the  non-practical education education in India from primary to professional studies , thus we offer a wide  range of trainings are offered from  basic engineering trainings and other advanced  training of  Aircrafts Manufacturing  ,space technology, Robotics and Satellite Technology, electric products manufacturing 

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Inviting Graduates with relevant Research project on Electric vehicle shield Designing.

Zukunft India opens its new project at Armenia .